AI AgentOps for financial services.

theGPTlab provides the tools to easily build and manage AI-powered financial agents in your products.

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Why build with theGPTlab

Our platform enables financial innovators to craft AI assistants with ease, transforming customer experiences and operational efficiency. Engage with technology that understands your business needs and delivers measurable outcomes.

Effortlessly build addition of AI-assistants to applications, without requiring expertise in ML/AI engineering.

Deploy AI-assistants designed for real-world financial tasks, adding tangible value to your cutomers.

Launch your finance AI-agents seamlessly using theGPTlab's cloud infrastructure.

Launch faster with
no-code solutions

theGPTlab products are designed to supercharge every aspect of your financial offering.


Whether it's assisting individuals with budgeting, aiding businesses with bookkeeping, or simplifying money transfers and bill payments, Agent Builder is your toolkit for crafting robust fintech AI-agents tailored to these specific needs.


Designed for scale and growth. Our fully customizable API, SDKs, and third-party integrations allow you to embed innovative financial services with control and flexibility.

Everything you need

Everything you need to build finance AI-agents.

Keep control

Full oversight,  customize agent behavior, and direct your AI’s learning to ensure it aligns with your brand and  customers' expectations.

Stay flexible

Adapt on-the-fly, ensuring that they always meet the dynamic needs of your customers


Lean on our secure cloud infrastructure, rigorous data protection protocols, and a commitment to regulatory compliance

Data Integration

Enable AI-agents to parse and comprehend financial data from spreadsheets and  models.

API Access

Empower your AI-agents to connect with external financial platforms and services. Maintain robust oversight over permissions and user-directed actions.

Adaptive Learning

Equipped with dynamic memory capabilities, our AI-agents evolve based on previous interactions, ensuring continuous improvement in user interactions.

Insightful Analytics

Delve into comprehensive reports and activity logs. Gain insights into the performance of your AI-agents in addressing financial needs.

What will you build?

Build AI-agents to proactively manage, budget, and interpret complex financial data for your users, making personal finance more intuitive.

Personal finances

Elevate digital banking experiences by using AI-agents to assist users in funding accounts, managing savings, and optimizing their financial health.

Digital Banking

Enlist AI-agents to help users plan for their future, making intelligent investment suggestions based on market trends and personal financial goals.

Wealth Management

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Deploy AI-agents to help businesses streamline expense management, automate bill payments, simplify bookkeeping, and optimize payroll processes.

Business Finance

Optimize B2B transactions by leveraging AI-agents that automate vendor payment schedules, reconcile invoices, and offer predictive cash flow management.

Vendor Payment

Strengthen business security with AI-agents designed to detect fraudulent activities, analyze transactional risks, and offer mitigation strategies.

Fraud Detection and Risk Management

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Revolutionizing Finance
with AI

Let's redefine financial services, together.

theGPTlab is your partner in this journey, ensuring that every step you take is bolstered by the transformative power of generative AI.

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