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Build AI-agents to proactively manage, budget, and interpret complex financial data for your users, making personal finance more intuitive.

Personal finances

Elevate digital banking experiences by using AI-agents to assist users in funding accounts, managing savings, and optimizing their financial health.

Digital Banking

Enlist AI-agents to help users plan for their future, making intelligent investment suggestions based on market trends and personal financial goals.

Wealth Management

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Deploy AI-agents to help businesses streamline expense management, automate bill payments, simplify bookkeeping, and optimize payroll processes.

Business Finance

Optimize B2B transactions by leveraging AI-agents that automate vendor payment schedules, reconcile invoices, and offer predictive cash flow management.

Vendor Payment

Strengthen business security with AI-agents designed to detect fraudulent activities, analyze transactional risks, and offer mitigation strategies.

Fraud Detection and Risk Management

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